Quality Garage Door Openers & Operators in Salt Lake City, UT


Come to AAA Garage Door when you need a reliable garage door opener in Salt Lake City, UT. We partner with leading garage door manufactures to ensure top quality products for our customers. Choose from a variety of opener systems including chain drive, belt, and side mount/wall mount operators.

If you’re unsure which operator will work best for your garage, explore the possibilities below.

Belt Operators

When you want a smooth, quiet performance garage door opener, consider a belt operator. These systems are ideal for garages next to areas in your home, such as bedrooms. The opener runs along a rubber belt to minimize noise, which is ideal for families who want an operator that produces virtually no sound.

Chain Drive Operators

Chain drive operators are some of the most durable systems available. These affordable operators use a metal chain track to maneuver the garage system. If you’re looking for a cost-effective, long-lasting system, consider a chain drive operator. These systems are also a great choice for garages that are separated from the house where noise doesn’t matter.

Side Mount/Wall Mount Operators

Consider a side mount/wall mount operator when you need to implement a new operator into an old garage door system. The mount works well with most previously installed garage doors. Side or wall mounts also attach directly to the torsion bar. This positioning allows you to have easy access to the opener and eliminates having an operator above your car. For this reason, these operators also work great for garages with extremely low or high ceilings.

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