4 Reasons to Convert to a Multiple Panel Garage Door

The single panel garage door style has been in use since Leno Martin created the first one-piece overhead garage door in 1936. This door type was an improvement over the more awkward swing-out style carriage doors that were in use.

At first, the concept of a roll-up multiple panel door was popular in industrial and commercial areas, but not yet used in residential homes. Today the multiple panel garage door is the most popular garage door style in use.

If your home has an older single panel garage door, you may want to consider replacing Leno Martin’s design with a new garage door consisting of sections instead. Here are some compelling reasons why it’s time to make the switch.

  1.  Safer Lift Design

Most single panel garage doors operate on a torsion spring, a tightly wound piece of metal that provides lifting power necessary to open and close the door. While you’ll probably never adjust or replace a spring by yourself, you can still be injured if a spring suddenly snaps and releases dangerous levels of energy.

Newer sectional doors offer additional safety features designed to prevent injuries relating to garage door springs and cables. Features like lift cables, wrap-around torsion springs, safety brackets, and safety containment cables all help protect you and your family in the event a torsion spring wears out.

  1. More Material Options

Original one-piece doors are limited in the type of material they can be made of. Steel is far too heavy and aluminum is too fragile. The traditional material of choice is usually wood, which requires frequent maintenance. Wood is susceptible to water and termite damage and must be painted or sealed regularly for protection.

The unique nature of sectional panel garage doors allows you to choose from a range of materials. Because the door is in multiple pieces, steel is no longer too heavy and aluminum is not too delicate. In addition to wood panels, you can also choose from wood composite, vinyl, and fiberglass.

Remember those nostalgic carriage doors in use before the arrival of the one-piece garage door? A multiple panel garage door allows you to recreate that look for your home, but with the added modern convenience of an overhead lift.

  1. Easier to Replace

A single garage door panel might be cheaper to install initially, but you may feel differently if you ram the door with your car bumper. Large dents and scratches cannot be simply erased away – the entire door must be replaced, which can be costly.

If you are prone to parking accidents in your garage, you may be happier with a sectional door because of its ease of repair. Rather than replacing the entire door after an accident, one or more panels can be replaced instead.

  1. Less Operating Space

That old one-piece garage door needs a lot of room to operate as it tilts open and closed. If you have a lot of items stored in your garage, or need every bit of driveway space for parking, your single door may no longer be an option.

A modern multiple panel door does not extend out of place as it operates, which allows you to enjoy a bit more space in your garage and driveway. If your home has a very short driveway or you have a longer truck or van parked in the garage, a paneled door is your answer.

With all the many benefits that only a paneled garage door offers, it’s easy to see why it’s time to trade in that old dinosaur for a new door. Visit AAA Garage Door to learn how a new multiple panel garage door is right for your home.


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