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Silence is Golden: Achieving That Quiet Garage Door

Nobody likes a noisy, rumbling garage door, especially in the late evenings. The grumble of your garage door can be disruptive, and the unpleasant sound can get on your nerves. While you’ve endured it in the past, it’s now unbearable and you’re ready to do something about it.

But as you stare at that annoying garage door, you may wonder where to begin and what kind of work your garage door will need. Below, we’ll address what areas of your garage door system may need maintenance so you can finally attain that quiet garage. Continue reading “Silence is Golden: Achieving That Quiet Garage Door”

How to Get Oil Stains Off the Floor of Your Garage

Your garage is a valuable part of your home-it keeps your car, which is an expensive asset, safe and sound. Your garage may also be where you store tools or work on projects.

However, because you keep your car and your power tools in the garage, the concrete floor is bound to get grimy. Simple dirt you can always sweep away, but the car, lawnmower, and power tools will probably drip oil onto the floor as well. This substance is more challenging to clean up.

How you get rid of the oil depends on the size and age of the stain. With these tips, you can get your garage floor clean again. Continue reading “How to Get Oil Stains Off the Floor of Your Garage”

How to Keep Your Garage Cool This Summer

Salt Lake county residents are no strangers to hot, dry summers. In June, July, and August, temperatures average above 80 and 90 degrees, with some days reaching a whopping 100 degrees.

Although you may be able to tolerate the weather from the air-conditioned comfort of your living room, you might not have a safe or easy summer if you work regularly in your garage. Since many garages don’t connect to the central heating and cooling systems, your garage may likely reach stifling temperatures this season, increasing your risk of heat stroke and heat stress.

If you plan to spend extra time in your garage, or if you must store items that don’t tolerate heat well in your garage, try the following tips to keep the area cooler and more comfortable. Continue reading “How to Keep Your Garage Cool This Summer”

Keep Your Home Safe by Securing Your Garage

You may be conscientious about keeping your home safe: you deadbolt your doors at night, have a security system installed, and keep your windows locked. However, if your garage is not secure, thieves can still break in and steal valuables like your car or power tools. From there, they may gain access to your home itself.

Don’t forget about your garage when you secure your home-take these steps to keep your family and your belongings safe. Continue reading “Keep Your Home Safe by Securing Your Garage”

Welcome the Warmer Weather: How to Prepare Your Garage for Springtime

The winter weather has taken its toll on your home and property. Your yard and driveway have been iced over and covered in snow, and the chilly winds have caused twigs and branches to fly across the area. Your garage even seems to have suffered from the unfriendly elements.

With the warmer weather approaching, you know you should prepare your home for the coming elemental changes. However, with so many things to organize and take care of, you may not know where to start.

In the blog below, we outline a seven-step checklist to help you take on area off your to-do list: your garage. Read on to learn exactly how you can prepare your garage for springtime. Continue reading “Welcome the Warmer Weather: How to Prepare Your Garage for Springtime”

7 Ways to Keep Your Garage Clean During Winter

As snow falls off your boots or melts off your car, you can’t help but notice a muddy, slushy mess in your garage. Although you could spend hours mopping the floor every week this winter, you can’t count on the area staying clean for long. As soon as the next storm blows in, you can expect more runoff, mud, and slush.

So what can you do to keep your garage clean this winter? Continue reading “7 Ways to Keep Your Garage Clean During Winter”

5 Inexpensive Projects That Will Help You Sell Your Home

When you begin to think about selling your house, your to-do list gets pretty lengthy. After all, you’ve got to find the right broker, decide your selling price, find a new place to live, prepare the kids for the potential trauma of moving, find a storage unit-the list goes on and on.

With everything else on your plate, you don’t have much time to spend on lengthy, expensive home makeover projects and upgrades. Luckily, you don’t have to. Small, easy-to-do projects can completely transform your home and make it appealing to potential bidders. Plus, these projects have a high return on investment, so you won’t be losing money on these improvements.

Below, we’ve got five home makeover projects that will help you sell your home quickly and at the price you’re hoping for. Continue reading “5 Inexpensive Projects That Will Help You Sell Your Home”

Need an Entertainment Space? Transform Your Garage

You can’t always meet at a school, a library, or a church building if you want to host a party or meeting with all your neighbors. Nor can you always meet in the middle of the street or in someone’s backyard. After all, wouldn’t you want to stay inside during a snowstorm or rainstorm?

But you don’t want the weather or a lack of privacy to keep you from hosting community events either. So, if your basement or your living room can’t accommodate your gatherings, you have to think outside the box and look at your garage instead.

Right now, your garage probably acts as an extended storage space for your vehicle(s), your sports and gardening equipment, and your tool bench. But imagine removing all or most of those items and transforming the space into a sitting or activity area. You’ll have enough room for your guests, shelter from the elements, and privacy from passersby.

If you’d like to remake your garage into an entertainment space, follow the steps below. Continue reading “Need an Entertainment Space? Transform Your Garage”

3 Tips to Organize Your Garage

Are you anxious to open your garage because of how cluttered it is? Your garage is supposed to be for your car, but sometimes this structure becomes an unofficial dumping ground for your belongings. You put old boxes, tools, and other unwanted items in there and tell yourself you’ll deal with it later. However, you either forget to rearrange your garage and it becomes a chaotic mess.

If you’ve decided that it’s time to clean your garage, read below to learn some organizational tips that will help you transform your garage into a place you can be proud of. Continue reading “3 Tips to Organize Your Garage”