Why Is Your Garage Door Bowing?

A garage door is more than just a functional entryway for your car. It’s part of your home’s exterior aesthetics, and it deserves all the attention and admiration it gets. But if your door is warped, it can throw off the entire appearance of your home.

Instead of a fresh, clean look, a warped garage door makes your home look old and uncared for — even though you may work hard to maintain it. Along with the unattractive appearance that a warped door gives your home, it can pose functionality and safety issues.

If you’re still not convinced that a warped garage door is something that needs attention ASAP, take a look at the basics behind this condition.

Why Is Your Garage Door Bowing?

Why does bowing happen? Before you call the garage door manufacturer and demand a refund over a faulty product, consider the possible causes. Unless your door is brand-new, bowing isn’t likely a factory defect. Some garage doors are more likely to bow than others. For instance, dark-colored doors that face the sun and larger doors are more likely to bow than lighter, smaller ones.

Garage doors typically bow due to extreme temperature differences between the interior and exterior spaces. When one side of the door is extremely hot, and the other side is cold, a wood or insulated door can start to warp. In most cases, the door will bow or curve towards the hotter temperature area.

Bowing can happen across an entire solid door or in a panel. Keep in mind, minor temperature fluctuations between the inside and outside of a garage door are normal and to be expected. Under typical temperature differences, a door shouldn’t experience major bowing. But when the temperature range grows considerably, this type of warping can start.

Why Should You Repair a Bowing Door?

The most obvious reason to fix a bowing garage door is staring you in the face. The warped door, or warped section, isn’t attractive. Whether you can’t stand to look at the bowing, your neighbors are making comments about it, or you’re trying to sell your home, this issue can dramatically affect your home’s curb appeal.

But the look of your door isn’t the only reason to repair your garage. A warped door, even a slightly bowed one, will impact the way it opens and closes. Garage doors are designed as flat panels for a reason. They need to seamlessly slide up and down, fitting in your garage’s opening. Bowing changes the shape of the door, making it a challenge to open or close.

The warped door can easily stick as you open or close it. This problem leaves you without a safely working door.

How Do You Fix a Bowing Door?

What should you do if your garage door is bowing? Leaving it alone isn’t the answer. Even a small bow is enough to cause problems. The longer you use a warped door, the more mechanical issues it can result in. This fact makes repairing it sooner, rather than later, absolutely essential.

The specific fix that your garage needs depends on the door itself and the extent of the problem. In some cases, a complete reinstall may be needed — depending on the severity of the problem.  A paneled door that only has pieces (or panels) that are bowing isn’t likely to need a full replacement.

An experienced garage door technician may be able to remove the warped panel and replace it, creating a seamless look. If the bowing is slight, simply sanding the panel down could be enough. You will likely need to repaint the entire door afterwards to make it fit.

A garage door repair expert can also help to prevent this issue from happening again. Installing struts on the door can add extra stability, reducing the bowing risk.

Is your garage door bowing? Contact AAA Garage Door for more information.

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