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Why Should Professionals Install Your Garage Door?

When you need renovations around your home, you might be tempted to take the job on yourself. If you have some free time, you may like the idea of being proud for a job well done that you did with your own two hands. However, with replacing your garage door, you may find this is a job best left to the professionals. Here is why.

Safety Is a Real Concern

Garage doors, especially wood, are very heavy. You need to have enough helpers to assist you with the full weight of the door as the door is removed. When you are not experienced in removing garage doors, this can lead to disastrous results with possible multiple injuries.

Experience Is Important

There is a specific way to uninstall and install a garage door. With garage door installation, installers must consider counterweighting the door so the door comes off and goes on without a hitch. Certain pieces, such as the springs, can be dangerous to remove if you do not know exactly what to do.

When installing a garage door, you need to know exactly how each component interacts with the other, not just know they connect. In addition, you need to install the components with the right amount of torque. This way, the garage door opens and closes correctly, which prevents dangers both when installing the door and operating the garage door in the future.

A professional garage door installer knows the proper protocol for taking your old door off and putting your new one in place. The installer will do the job safely both during the installation and in the future.

Experts Pay Attention to Detail

Some things a professional garage door installer will know to do that you may have overlooked include preventing harmful friction when the garage door operates, as well as properly weathering the garage door. Proper weatherization will help you better control the temperature inside of your garage and cut down on your monthly energy bills.

Professionals Correctly Install Automatic Garage Door Systems

Most garage doors today automatically open. This means installing an automatic door system. A professional will make sure to correctly mount the motor, install and line up the components, check that the motor functions properly, set up the sensors, and ensure the remote control functions.

Automatic garage doors have an emergency lever that can prove extremely important should something ever go wrong with your automatic door opening system, or you run into an unforeseen emergency. Installing the garage door professionally lets you know you can count on the lever to function properly should you need to use it.

You Save Yourself Money Now and in the Future

Installing a garage door through a professional can help you avoid damaging and having to replace components. You can also avoid dealing with broken parts due to improper installation.

Something as simple as not making sure to oil the proper parts before you begin using the door can leave you with easily avoided repairs. In many cases, your new garage door may have come with a warranty, but the warranty will not stand if you installed the door yourself.

If you have made the wise decision to install your garage door with professionals, contact us now at AAA Garage Door Inc. We can remove your old garage door, provide you with the best new garage door for your needs, and install that door for you. We are also happy to answer all your questions and concerns.

Our technicians will leave you with a properly functioning garage door that offers you security, comfort, and a great looking new addition to your home’s exterior.


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