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What To Do If Your Garage Door Stops Working

It’s a sort of nightmare scenario. You approach your garage with your car, but it just doesn’t open. In fact, it doesn’t do anything at all. This type of problem can leave you feeling a bit stuck — literally. But before you panic, you should check a few things first.

Is Your Key Fob Working?

It’s easy to forget that your key fob can actually malfunction. So before you panic regarding your garage door, go inside and try it with the button. If your garage door opens correctly, then something is wrong with your fob.

The most common issue with key fobs is a dead battery Opening your fob will show you which battery you need to replace. Because these batteries can last up to anywhere between five and ten years or so, it’s easy to forget when they need to be replaced.

If the fob’s battery is fine, though, then the remote itself could be damaged. Alternatively, the remote could have been reset, which means that it will need to be re-programmed. Your local garage repair service will be able to help.

Is the Garage Door Stuck?

If the garage door starts opening but stops, then something could be obstructing it. Check the track for anything visible that could be preventing the door from rising. But if you don’t find anything visible, don’t try to fix the problem.

If your garage door is stuck on its track, trying to tamper with it could actually throw it off the track. And when the garage door is thrown off track, the garage door itself can fall, putting you and anything else in its path in serious danger. Even if you’re not injured, the cost to repair an off-track garage is significantly more expensive.

Is the Motor Dead?

If the garage door doesn’t even seem to be trying to open at all and doesn’t open when you press your interior button, then something has gone wrong with the motor in your garage door. It may have burned out or there may not be electricity flowing through to it. Either way, a professional is going to need to repair it.

In the meantime, you may want to try to lift your garage door with the emergency release. Your garage should have an emergency release rope coming from the motor, which you can engage.

Engage the emergency release and then try to gently lift the garage door up. The garage door should easily lift about two to four feet above and stay there. You should be able to manually open and close your garage door this way as a temporary solution.

Could the Electricity Be Out?

If the motor isn’t working and the light in the garage isn’t going on, then a circuit may have been tripped. If a circuit was tripped only in your garage, then your garage door and garage lights have probably stopped working.

You can fix the problem by going into your circuit breaker and toggling the garage circuit on and off. Make sure that the circuit clicks when you push it both ways, as the clicking sound indicates that it is either fully engaged or fully disengaged.

If you turn the circuits back on and the garage door still isn’t working, then the circuit isn’t the problem. It may either be an electrical short or the motor itself.

If you have tried these troubleshooting methods but your garage door still isn’t working properly, then it’s time to call a professional. A garage door can be dangerous if it isn’t working properly, and any electrical-related problems could also cause issues in other areas of your home. For a consultation and a diagnosis, contact AAA Garage Door today

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