Wind-Rated Garage Doors: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Utah experiences strong winds that can result in damage to residential, commercial, and municipal property. If you do not have a wind-rated garage door yet, seriously consider installing one. Here is a quick guide to wind-rated garage doors as you gear up to install one in your home.

Wind-Rated Garage Door Benefits

Wind-rated garage doors are different from standard garage doors in several ways. First, wind-rated doors consist of several layers of steel, wood paneling, aluminum, and other forms of insulation, making these doors comparably thicker and resistant to high wind speeds.

Wind-rated garage doors also come with a heavier track, which adds to the door’s ability to withstand strong winds. Installing a wind-rated garage door offers several benefits.

Prevent Water Damage

Strong winds can easily dislodge a standard garage door and expose your house to flooding from thunderstorms and hurricanes. Wind-rated garage doors are sturdy enough to protect against flooding and its damaging effects.

Protect Against Impact

In high winds, flying debris, tree branches, and rocks are a real risk. The impact from these objects can cause massive damage to your home and fatally injure occupants. Wind-rated garage doors can withstand strong winds and prevent objects from entering your house and causing destruction in their wake.

Mitigate Costs

Damage from storms, water, and heavy winds can put a huge dent in your pocket. Even if you have insurance, out-of-pocket expenses can add up quickly following a natural disaster. Install a good quality wind-rated garage door to avoid the heavy financial burden of rebuilding.

A wind-rated garage door in your home can also allow upfront savings even before a wind gust or storm. Insurance providers often offer discounts on insurance premiums for homes with additional protection such as a wind-rated garage door.

Wind-Rated Garage Door Wind Load Requirements

To buy the right wind-rated garage door, consider your region’s wind load rating requirements. Calculated in pounds per square foot, wind load is the amount of pressure wind exerts on a structure at a certain velocity. The higher the wind velocity, the greater the wind load.

Wind-rated doors are designed to withstand wind loads of over 50 pounds per square foot. The type of wind-rated garage door you need to buy will depend on several factors.

Wind speed

Use a tool such as the one provided by the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) to determine the required wind speed a garage door should withstand in your area.

Exposure Area

Utah has three exposure areas: B, C, and D. Homes located in urban and suburban regions belong to exposure area B. Those in areas with flat, open terrains are in category C. Homes in exposure area D are those close to open water bodies or wetlands. If you are unsure about your region’s wind speed requirements and exposure zones, consult your local building department.

Home Structure 

Consider the number of stories your home has. Determining your region’s wind speed, exposure area, and your home’s structure is only the first step to buying and installing the appropriate wind-rated garage door.

Pay attention to other factors including the internal pressure in your home, size of door area, average roof height, style of roof slope, and wind directionality. Any alteration to these factors can significantly change the per square foot requirements of your garage door.

For residents of windy regions such as Utah, installing a wind-rated garage door is a good idea. Consult a professional garage door provider to install a high-quality garage door that complies with building requirements and offers optimal protection.

If you would like to replace your garage door with a wind-resistant one, AAA Garage Door provides quality doors from the country’s top brands. Get in touch with us today. We will be happy to speak with you about your garage door needs.

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