Garage Door Noises, Should I Worry? Your Guide to Normal vs. Not-So-Normal

May 14, 2024

View of a garage with the door opening

Garage Door Noises. Should I Worry? A noisy Garage Door can indicate a problem that needs to be addressed.

Garage doors aren’t exactly known for their quiet operation. But with all the clanking, squeaking, and grinding, how do you know when those sounds are harmless, and when they signal something more serious?

Common Garage Door Culprits

  • The Squeaky Suspect: High-pitched squeaks usually mean one thing: dry parts! Lubricate tracks, hinges, and rollers for a quick fix.
  • Grinding Gears (Or Something Like It): Grinding could be worn rollers, but it’s also a potential red flag for motor troubles or dangerous spring issues.
  • Spooky Pops and Bangs: These often mean loose hardware – check track bolts and nuts. However, they can sometimes point to spring problems.
  • Rattling Chains and Other Mysteries: A loose opener chain or loose door panels can cause vibrations and rattles.

Is It Just Business as Usual?

Some garage door noise is nothing to lose sleep over. The opener’s hum or the gentle rumble of the door itself is normal. But pay close attention to:

  • New or Louder Sounds: A change from your door’s usual soundtrack is worth investigating.
  • Struggles and Speedbumps: Is your door slow, jerky, or fighting against itself? That signals a potential problem.
  • Damage You Can See: Bent tracks, frayed cables, or broken parts need immediate professional attention.

When to DIY and When to Dial for Help

Lubricating tracks and hinges is a safe DIY fix (use the right stuff – check your owner’s manual). You can likely tighten loose hardware too.

But it’s time to call AAA Garage Door when:

  • Spring Fever: Torsion springs pack a dangerous punch – never attempt repairs yourself!
  • Motor Mayhem: Electrical problems or complex opener issues are best left to the professionals.
  • The Dreaded “I Don’t Know”: If you’re unsure about the noise or the fix, don’t risk making it worse. We’re here to help!

Don’t Let the Noises Win

Regular maintenance is your best defense against scary sounds and surprise repairs. AAA Garage Door’s tune-ups keep your door operating safely and smoothly. If your garage door is making noises that have you worried, contact us today – we’ll diagnose the issue and restore your peace of mind!


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