Garage Door Reviews in Salt Lake City, UT

These guys are awesome! When our garage spring broke a few years ago, AAA Garage Door immediately responded to my call, and the repair was done quickly and professionally with a very fair price. More recently, AAA came again to replace our family’s old door opener with a newer model, and the difference is unbelievable. The newer model is so quiet and efficient, and I can close and open it remotely from my iPhone. Plus, the new opener has an automatic timed-close feature. The guys at AAA explained it all to me when it was installed so I knew exactly how to work it. I can’t recommend these guys enough.
-Weston Blaney

Had our spring break and I had a referral from a neighbor to use AAA. I called Scott and he had a guy in the area that came over right away. We literally had our door repaired within 45 minutes of calling. Best repair service I have ever had for anything. I definitely recommend them. Price was good too.
-Worm Wood

I have used AAA Garage Door, Inc for years now. Chris will always answer the phone or call you back, which is a rarity in the contracting business. He is honest, gives great service, and will fix first replace second mentality. As a real estate agent and property management company, I have referred him to tons of people and never heard negative from them either. He gets raving reviews from me and all my clientele.
-Craig Hawker

I had an emergency on a Saturday night. Repairman arrived within half an hour and fixed the door. He was very professional and informative. I recommend this company.
-Alex Tamargo