Upgrade Your Curb Appeal: The Best Garage Door Styles for Salt Lake City Homes

May 14, 2024

Green home with bricks on the bottom and a green garage door.

Your garage door isn’t just a functional entry point – it’s a significant part of your home’s overall aesthetic. With Salt Lake City’s diverse architectural styles, it’s important to find a garage door that seamlessly complements your home and boosts its curb appeal. As local garage door experts, we’re here to help you navigate the options and find the perfect fit.

Popular Salt Lake City Garage Door Styles

  • Traditional Raised Panel: A timeless classic with recessed panels that adds charm to both classic and contemporary homes. Choose from various panel designs and colors for a touch of personalization.
  • Modern Carriage House: Evokes a rustic, elegant feel with its horizontal panels and authentic swing-out appearance. Ideal for homes with craftsman or farmhouse influences.
  • Sleek Contemporary: Opt for clean lines, aluminum frames, and frosted or textured glass inserts for a distinctly modern look that’s perfect for minimalist or mid-century modern homes.
  • Mountain Rustic: Embrace Utah’s natural beauty with custom wood garage doors. Choose from different wood species and stains to create a warm, inviting look that fits seamlessly into mountainside settings.

Factors to Consider When Choosing

  • Architectural Style: Your home’s architectural style is the best starting point. Is it modern, traditional, craftsman, etc.?
  • Neighborhood: Take a look at homes in your neighborhood to get a sense of common styles and find inspiration.
  • Colors & Finishes: Choose a garage door color and hardware that complements your home’s exterior paint, roof, and other accents.
  • Personal Taste: Don’t be afraid to experiment with different textures and details to create a unique look that reflects your style.

We’re Here to Help!

Choosing the right garage door can be overwhelming. That’s why AAA Garage Door offers free consultations to Salt Lake City homeowners. Our experts will help you explore designs, materials, and colors to find the ideal garage door that enhances your home’s beauty and function.

Schedule your consultation today and let’s transform your Salt Lake City home!

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