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4 Reasons to Convert to a Multiple Panel Garage Door

The single panel garage door style has been in use since Leno Martin created the first one-piece overhead garage door in 1936. This door type was an improvement over the more awkward swing-out style carriage doors that were in use.

At first, the concept of a roll-up multiple panel door was popular in industrial and commercial areas, but not yet used in residential homes. Today the multiple panel garage door is the most popular garage door style in use. Continue reading “4 Reasons to Convert to a Multiple Panel Garage Door”

Tips for Installing Windows in Your Garage Door

The typical garage is infamous for being dark, damp, and dingy. One way to give your garage a new lease of life is to install windows to let in light, enhance your home’s curb appeal, and simply improve the aesthetics of your garage door.

Installing windows on garage doors is somewhat of a new style, but as a homeowner, you will appreciate the benefits of these new additions. Continue reading “Tips for Installing Windows in Your Garage Door”

Wind-Rated Garage Doors: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know

Utah experiences strong winds that can result in damage to residential, commercial, and municipal property. If you do not have a wind-rated garage door yet, seriously consider installing one. Here is a quick guide to wind-rated garage doors as you gear up to install one in your home.

Wind-Rated Garage Door Benefits

Wind-rated garage doors are different from standard garage doors in several ways. First, wind-rated doors consist of several layers of steel, wood paneling, aluminum, and other forms of insulation, making these doors comparably thicker and resistant to high wind speeds. Continue reading “Wind-Rated Garage Doors: What Every Homeowner Needs to Know”

Why Is Your Garage Door Bowing?

A garage door is more than just a functional entryway for your car. It’s part of your home’s exterior aesthetics, and it deserves all the attention and admiration it gets. But if your door is warped, it can throw off the entire appearance of your home.

Instead of a fresh, clean look, a warped garage door makes your home look old and uncared for — even though you may work hard to maintain it. Along with the unattractive appearance that a warped door gives your home, it can pose functionality and safety issues.

If you’re still not convinced that a warped garage door is something that needs attention ASAP, take a look at the basics behind this condition.

Continue reading “Why Is Your Garage Door Bowing?”

Getting a New Garage Door Installed

Do you need a new garage door? Getting a new garage door installed will both update the look of your home and make your garage safer and more convenient. Here’s what you can expect when installing a new garage door.

Finding the Right Garage Door

Before you get your garage door installed, you will need to figure out which garage door is best for you. Garage doors come in a large inventory of styles and materials, from rustic wood to modern metal.

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Why Is Your Garage Stuck? Solving Keypad Issues

The garage door keypad makes your life easier in ways that you probably don’t even think about. Instead of having to carry around a clunky remote or remember keys, all you need to do is enter a simple code.

Not only does the keypad make it easier for you to access your home, but you also don’t have to hide keys under flower pots and rocks anymore just to make sure that there’s a spare or that someone (such as your teenager or a trusted neighbor) can get in when needed. These conveniences make having a working keypad necessary.

When you press in your code and nothing happens, it’s easy to start thinking that something is seriously wrong. You may start to question if the electrical connection is no longer functional or that there’s a problem with the opener’s mechanism itself.

In most cases, the culprit behind your seemingly broken garage door is something fairly minor. If your keypad is no longer doing its job, take a look at the questions that you need to ask right now.

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What To Do If Your Garage Door Stops Working

It’s a sort of nightmare scenario. You approach your garage with your car, but it just doesn’t open. In fact, it doesn’t do anything at all. This type of problem can leave you feeling a bit stuck — literally. But before you panic, you should check a few things first.

Is Your Key Fob Working?

It’s easy to forget that your key fob can actually malfunction. So before you panic regarding your garage door, go inside and try it with the button. If your garage door opens correctly, then something is wrong with your fob.

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6 Ways to Decorate Your Garage Door for the Holidays

When the holidays are coming up, your garage door becomes an inviting canvas for artistic expression. Delight your neighbors by going beyond hanging up Christmas lights. Use easy-to-find materials and turn your garage door into a fantastic holiday scene.

Before you decorate your garage door, clean it off with a water hose and rag. For tougher stains, wipe it down with rubbing alcohol and let it dry. Then, get started on one of these exciting garage door decoration ideas.

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How Key Fob Openers Can Help You

The image of a clunky, handheld garage opener remote is forever imprinted in society’s memory, but an alternative version of remote could be what you and your neighbors are looking for. Many remotes are available in humble key ring fob form, easily replacing the larger remote.

Fobs are often thought of as additional openers, not the main one that you need to carry around. However, fobs function just as well and let you operate the door in a normal manner. These smaller versions can solve some hairy security issues, though fobs are not cure-alls if you live in a neighborhood where security is critical.

If you’ve been having trouble with missing remotes and remotes that are hard to store, or you are tired of the inconvenience, fobs may be all you need to make using that garage door more user-friendly.

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Why Won’t Your Garage Door Close?

You press the button on your garage door remote and. . . nothing. It’s been a long day at work, and you’ve pulled your car into the garage and tried closing the door, but now the door just won’t shut. The worst part of it all is that you have no idea why.

You hit the button another time. Again, nothing. What’s going on? There are several possible issues at play here, ranging from the mild to the much more serious. Continue reading “Why Won’t Your Garage Door Close?”